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Jeep Heavy Duty Replacement Ball Joints Wrangler Rough Country 10626 JK

Jeep Heavy Duty Replacement Ball Joints Wrangler Rough Country 10626 JK

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Ball joints are a common wear item on Jeep wranglers that can produce vibrations, steering wander or even clunking noises. When installing a lift kit on your Jeep Wrangler JK its a great time to replace the weak factory ball joints with a heavy-duty joint that is designed to handle additional stresses of oversize tires. Rough Countrys replacement ball joints are designed from the ground up to give you a stronger, longer lasting ball joint that is a direct factory replacement.Rough Country Jeep Wrangler ball joints are packed with features that you wont find in other inferior designs. At the heart of each Rough Country ball joint is a high-precision chromoly ball stud that is oil-quenched, tempered and has spiral grooves to ensure lubrication during intense use. These ball joints are fully greaseable and feature a metal on metal design to provide a longer life span compared to joints featuring plastic or polymer components. Items Included (2) Front Axle Upper Ball Joints(2) Front Axle Lower Ball Joint There is a break-in period for metal on metal ball joints, typically during the first 100-500 miles the steering may be hesitant to return to center and have a heavier feel. After break-in, the steering will feel tight and smooth.

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