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Intex DuraBeam Headboard 18

Intex DuraBeam Headboard 18

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The Intex Ultra Plush Headboard Bed will help you sleep well at night. When relaxing or watching TV, the 31-inch-tall headboard serves as the perfect back support. It may also be utilized as a pillow stopper while you sleep to prevent your pillows from falling to the ground. A Dura-Beam air mattress offers superior comfort, stability, and support since it is engineered with Dura-Beam Fiber-Tech structure, which is made of thousands of high-strength polyester fibers as opposed to typical airbed construction with PVC beams. antimicrobial layer applied to the bed surface Product-specific protection only. It's simpler to get in and out of bed thanks to the elevated bed height of eighteen inches. The airbed can be swiftly inflated and deflated thanks to an integrated electric pump. The handy hand carry bag is ideal for both traveling and storing.

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